“I’ve tried it on at different times of the day with warm and cold hands, and it fits perfectly. We’re both delighted with the two rings and I want to thank you for all your help. Cheers again”


I got my wedding bands from Maliere. I contacted them online and asked a few questions, passing on the specifications I wanted and after a few mails and after having received the image of what I wanted, I placed my order. The rings I ordered arrived within the time proposed and I was very happy with them. I just wanted to say thanks for the speed of delivery. I make quite a few online purchases and the third most important thing, after value for money and quality, is speed of delivery. Your service was great and I would not hesitate to purchase from you again or to recommend you.

Fabio Boylan – Dublin

“My girlfriend and I had been looking to get matching rings for a very long time. We had tried America, London, Latvia and I would say nearly every Jeweller in Dublin but could not find something that we both agreed on and really loved. We had seen loads of different types of matching ring sets some very nice, others not so. Basically we wanted something unique that not many people would have. We then turned to the internet and came across www.Maliere.ie, we had a look through the sets there and found the one we both loved, which was unique and very good value so we decided on them. When we received the rings we were so delighted that they looked even better than in the photos. We love the rings and the assistant was a true Gentleman to deal with.”

Aidan & Renate, Malahide

Thank you so much for our beautiful rings, we love them and so did everyone else, it was nice to have something a little different, the quality and craftsmanship of our rings stands out, obviously our wedding rings were very important to us and you were very generous with your time, we both very much appreciated it.

Thanks again! Garreth & Philip