About us

Our Journey, Our Pursuit, Our Axiom

The mysteries of Maliere run deep, far, and wide. A persona veiled in enigma, birthed in France, and cultured in the finest of crafts, roamed the world in search of the most ethereal of jewels and trade practices. After years of exploration, Maliere settled in the enchanted lands of Ireland, to once and for all, process and employ his findings, transferring his garnered knowledge into meticulously crafted items of admiration.

Today, at Maliere this tradition is pursued. The passions of discovery, heritage, and unparalleled craftsmanship runs in the veins of our workshop, forging the most unique items from precious metals and gems. At Maliere we have engendered and fulfilled the most unique and marvellous requests from our customers. Each unique creation is infused with history, tradition, and legacy.