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The Price of Gold Still Increasing

Due to the Current Economic Crisis, the Price of Gold Continues to Increase

Generally, any information I hear on the radio about stock markets and rising inflation and decreasing rates sounds like Double Dutch to me. However, something did catch my attention the other day from the world of the Bull and the Bear. Being in the jewellery business you sort of tune into words such as ‘diamonds’, ‘princess cut’, ‘carat’ etc. and obviously, the world ‘gold’ is pretty prominent too. So when I heard it said on the news I pricked my ears and found I was able to follow what was going on for once: the price of gold is still going up.

The price forecast for gold has been cut to $1,685 an ounce from an earlier forecast of $1,750 from the end of the first quarter. However the price is still on the increase after 12 years! Image courtesy of Reuters.

The price of gold tends to increase in economies where the financial policies of the government keep interest rates low. The projected value forecast made by gold experts is less this year than expected (due to a strengthening in the dollar) but the increase is still exponential nonetheless – the price of gold has doubled in the last two years alone! With the current economic climate, this trend will be surely set to continue for quite sometime.
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