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Eternity Rings with Each New Year

We live each year hopping from occasion to occasion. No sooner has the Christmas wrapping paper turned the inside of your green bin in to an art installation than the fridge’s new inhabitant is a bottle of bubbly in training for new year’s eve. Then, in February, St Valentine starts sounding out love to see how couples are treating it. Will someone produce an engagement ring with a view to moulding that love with a wedding ring? As soon as the suitcase is emptied from that trip to Venice or Paris, emerald green starts to creep up around the country as Ireland prepares its floats and streets for St Patrick’s Day in March. Around this time, depending on the year, Easter will put out it’s forty-day warning and children will begin to stockpile chocolate and sweets in preparation for the mass unwrapping on Easter Sunday.

It is natural that mothers are cherished and the work they ceaselessly and unselfishly do must be acknowledged on Mothers Day in March. A trip to the card shop will be on the to-do list in capital letters for sons, daughters, fathers, husbands, partners and, grandchildren. Some mothers may find themselves opening a little hinged box inside which may be an eternity ring. There is one thing that will happen, for sure: across the country restaurants will be booked so that many mothers will get to escape the heat of the kitchen and enjoy being waited on in the environs of beautiful dining rooms surrounded by family. But it ‘s not just the mothers who will be given their special day. Democracy demands equality, thus Fathers Day gets a June date. Now dads can enjoy a new batch of jumpers and socks! While not being great wearers of rings some will, however, get treated to a new set of cufflinks.

While the first six months of the year is chain-linked by a series of bank holidays and celebrations, the summer months are given over to time for school holidays and trips abroad to refresh mind and body. But the next event on the list to prepare for is in October: the ghost and ghoul night of Halloween where children will cut up old clothes to make rags and paint their faces to scare their neighbours as they trick or treat. A lucky child may find a plastic ring hidden in a barnbrack and use it as a pretend wedding ring while playing.

And soon after the masks have been put back in the treasure chest, the annual drum roll will begin again. The black and orange of Halloween will be replaced by red and white as the street lights get plugged in to illuminate the December hunting and gathering: yes, it’s almost Christmas again and all types of gifts from diamond rings to Dolly Mixtures will be bought.

The year, glued together, and carved up by, events, celebrations and bank holidays has now, almost, once again, out run the calendar. Once again, the green bin will be full and seven days after Santa that chorus of popping corks will announce that a new year is starting all over again. And the great news is, we never tire of it.

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