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Engagement Rings – Rings of Vision

If you want to ring for a vision for your life that is no problem, just call Mystic Meg or one of her shawl-draped crystal-ball–staring cohorts and you’ll hear all about a bright future full of love, money and eternal happiness. If you want to create a vision for a ring then all you have to do is call Brad Pitt. As well as being a top paid Hollywood actor, a sex symbol and a brand in his own right, Pitt can now add jewellery designer to his ‘I-can-do’ list.

The hand that he has chosen to forever hold (or however long forever is in Tinseltown these days) deserves, not just to be decorated but also branded. For Pitt, he wants his own stamp on love that, with the help of jeweler Robert Procop, has been presented, not just to Angelina Jolie but to the world. And so the world of jewellery has responded with the next best thing – replicas.

And who would not want a replica of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s love? They have been on and in every glossy publication and appear in every electronic window from smart phone to silver screen. They have six children and have been together since 2005 – seven years. Seven is the number of years that often creates the ‘itch factor’ that sees some couples starting to split, but Pitt and Jolie have that uniqueness and are, in traditional style, molding their future together by getting engaged.

This couple are anything but conventional and, so, it is no wonder that Angelina’s engagement ring is the creation of Brad’s mind. His vision for them and their six children is creatively crafted in to that ring and, now, she is wearing that vision. But as their future intentions have, now, been established, the world waits on Brad Pitt’s next design that will solidly bind that love – their wedding ring.

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